Become An Artist

Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Connected. Get Paid.

Hello, Welcome and Congratulations.

You've just taken a seismic leap onto a platform of the music, film and arts biz so cool and unique that many feared it could only ever exist in their wildest dreams. You're a swashbucklin' talent and determined to go places, we know.

You've got fire in your belly, rhythm pounding lustily in your heart and music in your soul, but getting the right breaks in the entertainment business has always been the brutally complicated part. We know. Believe us, we know.

But now you're using your emergeination. You're using our emergeination. Which means you're with us now and safe at last. It means that you're gonna make it.

The rules have changed forever and the possibilities are now limitless. It means you can twist your volume up to ten and feel the appreciation from every corner of the film, music and arts worlds.

It means your music can now earn you a real living, your film ideas can become genuine movies, your graphic designs can be properly paid, published work and the dance skills of your most outrageous, swivel-hipped fantasies can become reality.

It means that everything is going to be alright. Come on inside, we'll show you.   



  • It's a community. And a community like absolutely no other.


  • It's an industry show case for your talents.


  • It's a global shop for your creations.


  • It's a sanctuary from the dorsal-finned suits who habitually prey on creatives.


  • It's an inspirational institute of learning where you'll be mentored and genuinely empowered and you'll come to understand how to progress as a creative professional.



emergeination was conceived, built and designed for creatives, by creatives.


It's whole reason for being is to accelerate and further the careers of musicians, artists, dancers, fashionistas, writers and filmmakers by sharing the best advice, facilities and opportunities available on planet Earth.


You will immediately start to connect, collaborate and sell your skills and make the calibre of momentous progress you thought was only the stuff of fairy tales. And you'll do so without suffering the exploitation that has characterised and marred the music and arts world since Captain Caveman started daubing walls with hunting graffiti. . . mere minutes before some sharp suited spiv came along and started stealing all the profits.


emergeination Provides a Marketplace for Creative Skills.

It puts your skills out there in front of an appreciative and hungry global audience and provides an ever-expanding platform for your talents.

Your work, products and skills, be they music, fashion, art, dance or film making, are FOR SALE and can be purchased immediately and directly via And, what's more, they will be.


emergeination Is About Nurture

As an on-line community, emergeination provides a unique creative sanctuary, putting you amongst an empathetic and nurturing body of people all around the world who will actively enable you to expand your career to heights you might have lost sight or hope of.

Our mentoring facilities will allow you to move your career along to places that best reflect your unique talents and abilities.

emergeination Is About Getting Paid. Properly

As a creative you retain creative control and ninety percent of what's earned from your work comes straight to you.

emergeination will help you learn your business and how to get properly paid. Because it's all very well being talented, of course, but when you perform we know you'd rather