About Us

Who is emergeination?

The idea behind emergeination was conceived when founder Susanna Westwood (singer-songwriter & dancer) had the dream of creating a place where emerging and professional artists could promote and sell their creations whilst keeping creative and financial control over their careers.

emergeination has now become a home for artists, and their most extraordinary creations just waiting to be discovered by you.

emergeination is here to accelerate and further the careers of musicians, artists, dancers, fashionistas, writers and filmmakers so that they can deliver the very best of their creativity directly to you. 

We make it easy for you to fall in love with new music, films, one of a kind fashion items, the latest dance crazes and breath taking art that might otherwise go undiscovered.

It has been an amazing year as emergeination has taken shape with over 1,000 emerging artists joining us along the way. With their support and extraordinary creations, our artists are now ready for you to take a piece of them home with you.

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