It’s 2004 and I am singing my (mismatched) socks off, standing in a cold, dark recording studio, while a sound engineer,a manager and my friend playing keys are stood in the sound-control-room staring back at me through the darkened glass. The smell of sweaty feet from the worn out carpet was making me want […]

Earlier this month, a tweet saying “OMG, every good idea has already been taken” started trending on Twitter. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, one which everybody knows isn’t true. Yet, sometimes it can feel that way. With so many great artists already out there, both living and dead, it can be hard to find your […]

Take a moment to think about your creative process. Try to identify how it works. Do you wait until you have a glimmer of inspiration before you get busy, or do you actively pursue the development of new material? While waiting for inspiration to strike works well for some, it’s not the most efficient way […]

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“ emergeination helps artists get the connections, the visibility, the insights and the support that they need. ”
- Marcellus Lindsay, Music & Entertainment industry
“ emergeination brings all artists together, art, music, dance, fashion & film. It's a great way to build a creative community. ”
- Oliver Pengilley, International Artist
“ emergeination takes allot of stress out of trying to make it in the industry. It makes it easier for artists to connect. ”
- Paul Reid, Beverley Knights Musical Director
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